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Talent mobility refers to the practice of moving people into, within and, when unavoidable, out of an organization to allocate the right talent, at the right location, at the right time and in line with employees’ career aspirations to ensure agility, productivity and bottom-line results.

At Randstad RiseSmart, talent mobility is a comprehensive, holistic and culturally inclusive approach that enables organizations to align the career goals and skills of employees with the needs of the business. Talent mobility is woven into the employee experience, promotes engagement and enables talent to discover new opportunities internally. It drives organizational and individual agility that helps companies attract talent during a time of scarcity, enhance competitive advantage and become known as employers of choice.

With an effective talent mobility strategy in place, when redeployment or a reduction in force is required, having a prepared and agile workforce enables employees to more easily move to other parts of the organization or to move with greater ease to opportunities outside the organization.

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